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You will benefit from our expertise in all matters of taxation including tax savings, tax planning and tax solutions. With extensive knowledge of what is a highly specialist area of taxation, DhanCreators, as your trusted Tax Planning Advisor, will help you with your tax problems and offer solutions to maximize your tax savings. For any tax savings related query please connect at or call 011-45501666, 9599956770. We will share with you the best tax saving funds info and guide with best investment option to save tax.

Lighten Your Tax Burden - Find out which tax-saving investment best suits your needs!

If your income exceeds the limit of Rs 2.5 lakhs, then you fall in the tax paying brackets. No matter what your income is - there are always plenty of legitimate ways of saving taxes and on top of it the interesting fact is that most of these options also help you grow your wealth! Investment in any of the tax-saving instruments serve specific purposes and tax saving is not the main objective but an ancillary benefit of it. While investing in any of the tax saving options, it is advisable to consult a professional advisors who can consider the pros and cons of each option and tell you which instrument is best suited for you in different situations and life stages. Here are some tax-saving investment options you may consider:


ELSS funds have got top ranking for the second consecutive year. ELSS funds have tremendous potential, high liquidity and greater transparency. According to the Economic Times, "ELSS category has given average returns of 17.8% in the past three years. The three-year lock-in period is the shortest for any Section 80C option. What is more, you can get some of the investment back if you opt for the dividend option". ELSS funds are equity schemes and carry the same market risk as any other diversified fund. For any ELSS funds related investment or query please connect at or call 011-45501666, 9599956770.


We recommend Ulips for many reasons. Ulips offer greater flexibility and unlike ELSS funds, where the investment is locked for three years, Ulip investors can switch their corpus from equity to debt, and vice versa. DhanCreators advice is to opt for liquid or debt fund of the Ulip and gradually shift the money to the equity fund. The new online Ulips are ultra cheap, with some of them costing even less than direct mutual funds. The Economic Times has ranked Ulips at 2nd position. Need more information on Ulips or thinking of investing? Call us at 011-45501666, 9599956770 or email at


NPS became more popular and attractive as a tax-saving tool after an additional tax deduction of Rs 50,000. was offered in last year budget. Pension fund managers, too, have been allowed to invest in a larger basket of stocks and no longer have to invest passively by mirroring the index. Active investments in stocks will help generate better returns for investors. As per Economic Times, "Active investments in stocks will help generate better returns for investors". Find out if NPS suits your scheme of requirements - Call us at 011-45501666, 9599956770 or email at


For the conservative investor who does not mind earning less as long as the returns are assured, the ultra-safe PPF remains a good option not only for returns but also tax savings


Senior Citizens Saving Scheme is considered as the best tax-saving instrument for retirees. At 8.5%, it also offers the highest interest rate among all Post Office schemes. Senior Citizens Saving Scheme is open only to investors who are above 60 years of age. In few cases, where the investor has opted for voluntary retirement and has not taken up another job, the minimum age is relaxed to 58 years. However, there is no age bar for defence personnel and they can invest in the scheme even before 60 as long as they satisfy the other requirements. If you need more information on this tax saving scheme, then call us at 011-45501666, 9599956770 or email at

Bank FDs and NSCs, Pension Plans and Insurance Policies are traditional tax saving investment options and still may suit many. We at DhanCreators help you to identify best tax saving funds or best investment for tax saving.

For any Tax Saving related query please connect at or call 011-45501666, 9599956770.


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